There are lots of different booking engines out there and it’s easy to end up being attracted to one for the wrong reasons. A booking engine’s most important task is to convert website visitors to direct bookers. That means that bookings should be simple, fast and secure, on any type of device. For repeat customers it means that the booking engine recognises previous customers and is instantly able to reward loyalty. And customers should be able to pay with their preferred on- or offline payment methods.

It should be that simple.

ROOM rates

A user friendly overview of all available room types and rates, without distracting clutter.

Clearly show up-front available member-only rates and other benefits, encouraging customers to instantly sign-up. No fishing for emails without showing up-front what’s in it for a customer…!


A user friendly and easy to find overview of all available packages, rates and conditions. Package rates can be completely dynamic and are automatically calculated based on number of nights, adults, children, included add-ons, etc.

add-on sales

Sell add-ons through a simple and clean display and without complicating the booking process.

dynamic packaging back-end

Probably the most complete back-end you have ever seen to set-up packages with dynamic rates, based on separate prices for package inclusion and either linked to static or dynamic rates, as you wish. No more complicated work-around solutions or loading of rates for different occupancies.

extensive b2c & b2b rate management

Load dynamic and static rates, in tiers or independent, for direct customers as well as your B2B clients. You can differentiate for mobile distribution or different source markets. Issue contracts from your booking engine back-end and give travel agents, corporate and other B2B partners instant online access to their contracted rates.