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At Simia we are highly specialised in the hospitality industry. We have an unmatched expertise in our field and work closely with other quality service providers.

We prioritise the individual needs of each client and help develop and execute an effective integrated strategy for success. We see ourselves as partners and work with you to set and achieve clear objectives. We help improve your online presence and performance in a professional and effective manner, by determining priorities, using quality products and services and working with the best possible return on investment in mind.

Discover how we can transform and improve the way you do business and stay ahead of the game.


Your website is your most valuable digital ASSET – treat it that way!

Today almost every potential customer will check out your website before making a decision. You have one chance to make a first impression that impacts your business: convince you are the one!

A good first impression is not good enough anymore to change the mind of a potential client; a first impression needs to be GREAT, and for that you need a GREAT website.


There are lots of different booking engines out there and it’s easy to end up being attracted to one for the wrong reasons. A booking engine’s most important task is to convert website visitors to direct bookers. That means that bookings should be simple, fast and secure, on any type of device. For repeat customers it means that the booking engine recognises previous customers and is instantly able to reward loyalty. And customers should be able to pay with their preferred on- or offline payment methods.

It should be that simple.


Treat repeat customers not only the way they deserve to be treated, but nowadays also the way they expect to be treated.

Online travel agents are masters at rewarding repeat customers. To have a chance to compete you have to adopt a similar strategy and offer what frequent travellers expect from you.

A good loyalty program provides convenience and rewards for your most valuable customers and should therefore be integrated with your booking engine. Avoid complicated or unreliable integrations between different tools and partners, as they won’t always give you the flexibility and reliability you need.

We offer a single platform and tool to manage rates, benefits, bookings, reports, customer database, email marketing and tracking, all in one.


Manage your rates and availability for online travel agents and wholesalers through a single platform and update rates and allotments with a single click. Synchronise rates and allotments with your PMS and have all online reservations automatically delivered into your PMS, saving time and reducing errors.

A great channel manager is also the first and most important tool for revenue management.


We call this a “no-brainer”, a MUST DO, for every hotel.

Performance marketing is the most effective advertising model to reach diverse and worldwide markets and the best of all, you only pay for performance, meaning actual direct bookings. No set-up costs, no long-term agreements. We connect your hotel with top Asia Pacific and international online publishers who will promote your hotel and offers on their websites and use their promotional tools and solutions to reach your target markets. All potential customers will be directed to YOUR website for FREE, increasing traffic and generating sales. You will only pay a fee when a customer makes a confirmed booking.

Too good to be true? Find out, completely free of risks, and without long-term commitments!


Tired of paying too much commission to OTAs and struggling to increase Direct Bookings?

We can help. And usually A LOT.

We know the online travel industry inside out. We have extensive experience with everything related to online distribution and sales, for independent hotels, international and regional hotel chains as well as B2B and B2C online travel agents and wholesalers. And we know we can help you improve.

We know you may have heard that before. Talk to us. Then you’ll know.

We Walk the Talk.


Compete where travellers start their journey, where decisions matter most.

Metasearch is the largest source of traffic for online travel agents and it is here where they compete with each other, knowing that today most travellers go first to Metasearch channels to look at hotels and compare prices.

Compete on a level playing field with OTAs and participate direct on Metasearch: display your prices and link direct to your own website and booking engine.

We offer PPC as well as commission models and you can either manage metasearch channels yourself, or let us do the job.


Your Online Reputation is your most powerful marketing; manage it!

Through online reviews customers create your hotel’s online reputation, which today is more powerful and influential than your own marketing. Monitoring your online reputation is critical to understand how potential customers perceive the value of your hotel and will help you to take action in critical areas. A better online reputation allows you to sell at higher rates, without losing any bookings.

Our platform collects and analyses online reviews from all major OTAs, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, etc and applies an industry-leading sentiment analysis to break down your customers’ opinion about your hotel, facilities, service, etc, showing trends over time and comparing your ratings with competitors of your choice.

Sales &

Get your feet on the ground. Both. Get real.

Are you no longer sure your sales and marketing strategy and activities are as good as they should be? Are you wondering if results could or should be better?

At Simia we have a wealth of experience and know a thing or two about sales and marketing for hotels and resorts, independent ones, local or regional chains, and those with an international brand. We understand channels, revenue streams and yielding  and know what tools and strategies work, and what not. And we’d love to share that with you.



From USD 799

A one-time development fee


- Fully mobile responsive website.
- Website Search Engine Optimization.
- Content Management System.
- Ownership of website and CMS.

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booking engine
loyalty program

From USD 46

per month


- B2C booking engine.
- B2B booking engine add-on.
- Mobile booking engine.
- Dynamic packaging.
- Email marketing module.
- Existing channel manager integrations.
- Member-only rates and packages.
- And more!

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online distribution

No fixed Fees

You only pay for materialized bookings.


- Manage online rates and inventory for all online channels.
- Review rate structure and promotions.
- Manage online rates & promotions in channel manager, booking engine and online channels.
- Maintain required online rate parity across channels.

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No cost: Pay as you Go

You only pay for materialized bookings.


- Google search ads.
- Display ads - local & global.
- Re-targeting ads.
- Strategic support & recommendations.

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