Compete where travellers start their journey, where decisions matter most.

Metasearch is the largest source of traffic for online travel agents and it is here where they compete with each other, knowing that today most travellers go first to Metasearch channels to look at hotels and compare prices.

Compete on a level playing field with OTAs and participate direct on Metasearch: display your prices and link direct to your own website and booking engine.

Independent or small chain hotels are often not able to participate direct on all major Metasearch websites, because only few booking engines and channel managers are connected to all of them. We connect to your booking engine or channel manager and display your rates direct on all major Metasearch websites, through a single platform.

We offer a PPC as well as commissionable model.

commission model

how it works

With a commissionable model you pay a fixed commission for materialised direct bookings through Metasearch channels, usually in the range of 10-15%. With this commissionable model you play safe and only pay for actual direct bookings.

ppc model

how it works

Through a smart AI-driven bidding platform you can manage bids per market, season, day or even time of the day and for instance based on the value of potential bookings, exactly the way OTAs manage Metasearch channels. A PPC model, when managed well, can result in an average lower cost per materialised direct bookings than a commissionable model.

You can manage the platform and bidding yourself, have this managed by us, or do this together with us!

how it looks

Display your rates direct on Metasearch channels such as Google, TripAdvisor, Kayak, SkyScanner, etc, with a link direct to your own website / booking engine.

full control

Choose your Metasearch channels and manage your bidding per Metasearch channel, per country, per period, etc and optimise your click-through and conversion rates for the best Return On Investment. Or let us manage this for you!