Your Online Reputation is your most powerful marketing; manage it!

Through online reviews customers create your hotel’s online reputation, which today is more powerful and influential than your own marketing. Monitoring your online reputation is critical to understand how potential customers perceive the value of your hotel and will help you to take action in critical areas. A better online reputation allows you to sell at higher rates, without losing any bookings.

Our platform automatically collects and analyses online reviews from all major OTAs, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, etc and applies an industry-leading sentiment analysis to break down your customers’ opinion about detailed characteristics of your hotel, facilities, service, etc, showing trends over time and comparing your ratings with the competitors of your choice.


Monitor your online reputation, TripAdvisor ranking and overall Guest Experience Index. Monitor competitors. Respond instantly to online reviews.

(translate) read & respond

Read and respond to reviews as soon as they are published. Translate foreign language reviews with the push of a button.

search & filter

Filter reviews based on time period, source, sentiment, topic, rating range, etc.

rating over time

See how your guest ratings for different facilities and services change over time and measure efforts to improve your online reputation.

compare with competitors

Analyse and monitor your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and define a strategy to stand-out and gain market share.


See where most online reviews are posted and compare overall ratings per source.


Analyse reviews by market or for instance by type of customer: couples, families, friends, etc. 


Set up customised reports and send them automatically by email to yourself and your team.