We call this a “no-brainer”, a MUST DO, for every hotel.

Performance marketing is the most effective advertising model to reach diverse and worldwide markets and the best of all, you only pay for performance, meaning actual direct bookings. No set-up costs, no long-term agreements. We connect your hotel with top Asia Pacific and international online publishers who will promote your hotel and offers on their websites and use their promotional tools and solutions to reach your target markets. All potential customers will be directed to YOUR website for FREE, increasing traffic and generating sales. You will only pay a fee when a customer makes a confirmed booking.

Too good to be true? Find out, completely free of risks, and without long-term commitments!

how it works

Through an online platform we distribute your hotel display ads to a network of thousands affiliated publishers. These publishers place your ads on others websites and target potential customers for your hotel. The publishers pay for this advertising and you only pay a fee to the publishers for materialised bookings through your own hotel website.


Usually less than 1% of website visitors makes a booking the first time they visit a hotel website. By tracking your website visitors when they leave your website we can place your ads on other websites they visit and try to bring them back to your website to make a booking.